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Chimbote Foundation Summer 2017 NewsletterThe Chimbote Foundation
Summer 2017 Newsletter


  • Amazing, but NOT Surprising … Our Chimbote Mission Milestone Investment is closing in on its goal!
  • On the Road to Chimbote, Peru. Twenty Prepare for Summer Mission Trip
  • Puppets, Pizza and Peru


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Educational Tools and Resources

Catechetical Resource Manual

This updated version includes lesson plans, information on four missionary saints of South America, common Catholic prayers in Spanish, and a special dedication to Pittsburgh native Monsignor Jules Roos who spent most of his life serving the poor of Chimbote. A letter from Bishop Zubik highlighting the connection of Pittsburgh with the Chimbote Mission and the outstanding work taking place there is also included.

Educational Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation for schools, including a mission overview, everyday life in Chimbote, healthcare facilites, stories of love and hope, and even a tweet from the Pope.

Slideshow Presentation

Dozens of photos of everyday life in Chimbote, the Foundation’s mission work, home visits, healthcare services and more. The photos can be used as a looping slideshow or a resource for creating your own presentations.

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