Create Your Personal Legacy
for the Poor of Chimbote

through a charitable gift annuity or a tax-free gift from your IRA.

Receive Guaranteed Income for Life by Making a Gift to the Chimbote Mission.

Participating in the Diocese of Pittsburgh’s Charitable Gift Annuity Program can benefit our mission in Chimbote as it benefits you from an income standpoint. For example, a 70-year-old person can initiate a gift annuity that pays 5.1 percent for life. Someone who is 80 will receive 6.8 percent for life and so on, up to 9 percent. The minimum investment/gift is $5,000 for a one-life gift annuity and $10,000 for a two-life or deferred annuity. The average is about $40,000.

A charitable gift annuity is a form of charitable giving whereby one or two people may invest cash or securities in order to receive an excellent rate of return based on their age. The rate is guaranteed for life. A significant portion of the income is tax-free and a generous income tax deduction may be claimed. If appreciated stock is used, capital gains tax will be eliminated, as well. After the lifetime of the annuitants, the remainder of the annuity will be used for the charitable purpose you select — in this case, the mission in Chimbote.

We offer one-life, two-life and deferred gift annuities that may be initiated. A deferred payment gift annuity may be taken out at age 50.

Sample of Rates Offered

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Privacy Policy

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Must be 59 1/2 years of age to participate in an immediate gift annuity.
Must be 49 1/2 years of age to participate in a deferred gift annuity.
Minimum investment: $5,000
Average investment: $40,000

Single- or two-life agreements offered. Birth date needed to determine the specific rate you will receive for life.

Do It for the Children of Chimbote.

Please make planned giving part of your lasting legacy.

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