57th Annual Peru Mission Dinner

Thursday, October 13, 2022


Please watch our 2021 Chimbote Mission video as we honor life – the life-giving, life-sustaining and life-affirming ministry of our Catholic medical missionaries in Chimbote, Peru.

Our dear friend of Chimbote, Mike Clark, distinguished news anchor for WTAE-TV, once again volunteered to be our dinner’s Master of Ceremonies for 2021. The evening’s presentations included updates from Chimbote Mission co-founders, Sister Margaret Mary Birchmeier and Sister Lillian Bockheim, and special remarks from Bishop David Zubik.

Previous mission teams shared their heartwarming stories of this amazing “Bridge of Love and Hope” that links two continents, two diocese and two peoples, all one in Jesus Christ.

2021 Chimbote Mission Video

Read Bishop David Zubik’s 2021 Invitation Letter

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Bishop's Dinner Letter

The Chimbote Foundation’s Virtual Dinner was a tremendous success, raising $96,096! Thank you to all who participated in our first virtual event!


Thank You to Our 2020 Sponsors


Bridge of Love and Hope ($2500-$4999)

Mr. John G. Carberry

Mr. Kenneth A. Roos and Ms. Beth C. Hutter

Ferry Electric Company

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Dr. and Mrs. Eugene D. McCarthy, Ph.D.

Ms. Gretchen L. Roos and Mr. Scott Lane

Chimbote Benefactors ($1000-2499)

Catholic Cemeteries Association

Saint Wendelin School

The A. G. Mauro Company

Mr. and Mrs. Keith S. Boyce

Mrs. Jean F. Comber

Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Daly

Mrs. James Ferry

Mr. Herb R. Hungerman

Mrs. Joan L. Kilgore

Mr. Desmond P. McCarthy

Reverend Albin C. McGinnis

Reverend Thomas R. Miller, M.Div., M.A.

Deacon and Mrs. Tim F. Noca

Dr. Monica M. Null

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Rettger

Mr. Greg J. Roos

Mr. and Mrs. John Rosser

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Sabol

SS. Peter & Paul School, Beaver

Called to Service ($500-999)

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Ms. Stephanie Ruffner

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Gartner

Dr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Joyce

The Gateway Engineers, Inc.

A. Martini & Co, Inc.

School Sisters of St. Francis

Knights of Columbus – Our Lady of Olives Council # 3907

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Diulus

Mr. James Fanning

Deacon and Mrs. Albert E. Heiles, Jr.

Mr. Mark J. Homyak

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kozar

Mr. James Leeper

Ms. Mary Mahinske

Very Reverend Joseph M. Mele, VE, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. O’Brien

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ward

Most Reverend William J. Winter, S.T.D.

Partners of Peru ($300-499)

Archangel Gabriel School

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Woshner

Yohe Roofing Inc.

Fagan Sanitary Supply

Yohe Roofing Inc.

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Ms. Sandra H. Foody

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Reverend John A. Marcucci, S.T.L., M.A.

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Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bobish

Ms. Margaret S. Boyle

Mrs. Mildred Brunner

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Deacon and Mrs. Richard J. Caruso

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Chiappa

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Colia

Mr. James Concelman

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Mrs. Christina Damon

Reverend Thomas E. Dansak, STM

Ms. Susan DeBacco

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Dickerson

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Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dulski

Mr. Greg Dyer

Ms. Beth Ann Eglberger

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Reverend John L. Gudewicz, M.Div.

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick T. Harnack

Ms. Margaret A. Hofscher

Holy Child Council # 12043

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Mr. Doug Kellar

Reverend Thomas W. Kunz, J.C.L.

Ms. Judith A. Langdon

Ms. Jooyoung Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Luckow

Mr. and Mrs. James Ludwig

Mr. Jim Luteran

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Manion

Mr. James Maochi

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Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marusic

James W. McCarthy, Esq.

Deacon and Mrs. Gary Molitor

Ms. Cathy Morrida

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard W. O’Keefe

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Dr. and Mrs. Giovanni Puppo

Mr. Joe Quigley

Deacon and Mrs. John E. Ragan

Mr. and Mrs. John Reardon

Ms. Kristin Repin

Mrs. Lois Roos

Mr. Richard R. Roos

Saint Bonaventure Parish

Saint Isidore the Farmer at Saint Columbkille Parish

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Saville

Miss June M. Schaut

Reverend Joseph C. Scheib, JCL, MDiv, MA

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Selep

Ms. Evy Severino

Ms. Diane M. Shosky

Ms. Joanna Silva

Sisters of the Humility of Mary

Ms. Deborah Smith

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Soya

Ms. Bridget Spitznagel

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Stalder

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Summerscales

Mr. Michael Tabak

Mr. Gene P. Tempesta

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Truckley, Jr.

Deacon and Mrs. Richard M. Tucek

Mrs. Janet Turbish

Ms. Nancy Urban

Mr. and Mrs. Tom VanHimbergen

Ms. Dorothy M. Voith

Deacon and Charles J. Vukotich, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Brad J. Werley

Deacon Patrick G. Wood

Reverend Albert Zapf

Mr. and Mrs. Jim J. Zielinski

2020 Memorial Gifts

In honor of Fr. Gerald Lutz (All Saints Men’s Club) — Saint Bonaventure Parish

In memory of Gary Shanahan — The Honorable and Mrs. Jeff E. Beckham

In memory of Gary Shanahan — Mrs. Mildred Brunner

In memory of Gary Shanahan — Ms. Susan DeBacco

In memory of Gary T. Shanahan — Mr. Greg Dyer

In memory of Matthew Clark — Ms. Margaret A. Hofscher

In memory of Gary Shanahan — Mr. Mark J. Homyak

In memory of Jack & Rose Mele — Very Reverend Joseph M. Mele, VE, Ph.D.

In memory of Matthew Clark — Mrs. Joan L. Kilgore

In honor of Gary T. Shanahan from your family @ Shanahan Transportation

In memory of Gary Shanahan — Ms. Diane M. Shosky

In memory of Gary Shanahan — Mr. and Mrs. James A. Soya

For the Mission of Pat & Rita Joyce & In memory of Teresa Ruth Salinas Altuna — Mr. Gene P. Tempesta

In loving memory of Teresa Salinas Altuna

In memory of Gary Shanahan — Mr. and Mrs. Brad J. Werley

Friends of Gary Shanahan from Indiana, PA

The Family of Gerald P. Comber

In honor of Eugene McCarthy’s 78th Birthday

The Poorest of the Poor in Chimbote Thank You for Your Prayers and Support!

Photos from the 2019 Annual Dinner

(Click to enlarge. All the photos credit Mr. Norbert [Chip] Kelsch.)

Photos from Previous Annual Dinners

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A Beautiful, Uplifting Story about Catholic Faith in Action!

Attorney Gretchen Roos and Deacon Tim Noca of the Chimbote Foundation board of directors discuss a half century of help and hope offered for the poorest of the poor in Chimbote, Peru. They were interviewed recently by Father Tom Burke for the diocese’s “Catholic Education Plus” radio program on KDKA-AM.

Diocesan Mission in Chimbote, Peru

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