An Oasis of Love and Hope
in a Desert of Poverty and Despair

Offering professional, compassionate Catholic healthcare since 1965.
Despite its location in the impoverished desert on the Peruvian coastline, the Social Works Center has flourished from its beginnings as a tiny two-bed maternity “hospital.” Today, the center provides a vast array of medical services, for free or at nominal charge, for those who have nowhere else to turn.

Maternidad de Maria

A modern maternity hospital where more than 96,000 babies have been safely born.

Wellness Clinic, Laboratory and Pharmacy

Known and respected throughout the region for competent, professional care.

Padre Julio Children’s Center

Where abused, abandoned or orphaned infants and toddlers are cared for lovingly.

Home Visit Program

Serving in the desert barrios where the poorest of the poor struggle to live and die with dignity.

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