Frequently Asked Questions about The Chimbote Foundation

General Questions


1. Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, all donations are tax-deductible. Every donor will receive a tax-deductible acknowledgement letter for each donation received.

2. Can I specify where I want my donation applied?

Yes, all donations can be donor directed.

3. Can you donate online?

Yes, you can donate online HERE.

4. Can I send personal items to Chimbote?

Shipping to Chimbote is VERY expensive. Funds send to Chimbote via wire transfer are faster, cost-effective and will be used toward the most immediate need.

5. Is the Chimbote Foundation related to Friends of Chimbote? 

No. The Chimbote Foundation is a diocesan mission of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. The Friends of Chimbote is located in North Dakota and has no affiliation with the Chimbote Foundation.

6. How do I get involved with the Chimbote Foundation’s Mission?

There are numerous ways to get involved. Learn about them HERE.

7. Can I volunteer to do work for the Chimbote Foundation?

The Chimbote Foundation is currently developing a volunteer base. Stay tuned for more information.

Mission Trip Questions


1. Are there any language requirements?

No. Fluency in Spanish is only required for translators who accompany mission partners on the trip. Please recognize that learning some Spanish would be helpful, as it is the primary language of Peru.

2. What health and safety precautions does the Diocese implement?

There are no vaccinations required for entry or exit when traveling to/from Peru. However, it is recommended that mission partners check with their primary care physicians for recommendations and/or the Allegheny County Health Department or Center for Disease Control (CDC) at:

3. What is cost of a mission trip to Chimbote?

On average the cost is $1,500-$2000 depending on the cost of flight, which is the major cost of the trip.

4. Where do we sleep and what do we eat?

While in Chimbote, mission partners are housed at the Diocese of Chimbote Multipurpose Center, known as La Casa de la Iglesia. This facility provides rooms accommodating 1-4 individuals per room, a dining facility, which provides three meals per day, as well as a chapel.

5. How do I sign up for a trip?

Visit our Mission Trips page to get the latest information.

6. Can I make a donation to support someone else participating on a mission trip?

Absolutely! When sending in your donation, please note who it is for and we will acknowledge your request.

7. Will there be translators accompanying us on the trip?

Yes, there are translators on each trip. In the past, we have had translators from both Pittsburgh, and Chimbote who travel with the teams. It is a requirement that each small group has a translator.

8. How many individuals are there per mission trip?

We have determined through experience that teams of up to ten are most ideal for both the personal experience of the mission partner, as well as coordination with the COS staff.

9. How long does it take to travel to Chimbote?

Traveling to Chimbote is a two-day experience. The first day is spent flying to Lima, arriving late evening, and the second day requires an eight-hour bus ride to the city of Chimbote.

10. Will I have internet or cell phone access?

Yes, Wi-Fi is provided through a company called Claro during the stay at COS. However, it is not as dependable as US networks.

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