“Defend the lowly and fatherless; render justice to the afflicted and needy.”
— Psalm 82:3

Diego couldn’t walk when we met him in 2014. The next year, he was able to take some steps on his own because of the therapy that the Padre Julio Roos Children’s Center was able to find for him in Lima. They were able to get Kengi necessary surgery in Lima. Lucinda and others like her are loved and held through their short life spans. Pedro, abandoned at the local bus station at his birth, found a loving home at the center. These are just a few of the hundreds of children the center has cared for over the years.

This week, we pray for the abused, abandoned and orphaned niños and those who love and serve them at the Padre Julio Roos Children’s Center and Shelter. We pray that all such troubled children know the love of our Father and for those who care for them in His name.

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