“The greatest example of their ‘Muchas Gracias!’ – their enthusiastic ‘Thank You!’ – is the incredible smiles that you see continually on their faces.”

— Father Albin McGinnis, former Pittsburgh Missionary to Chimbote, and current pastor, Saint John Neumann Parish, Franklin Park, after returning eight years later to Chimbote on Mission Team 3A, July 2016

MaternityFather Al’s voice cracked with emotion as he told the story.

“In starting a parish down there, the genuine joy of the local people came from knowing that ‘Somebody does care about us!’ That came from the experience of friends and family compassionately being cared for at the Maternidad. People from our parish would go into the maternity hospital and come back with huge smiles that just lit up the whole parish! Why? Because they saw the love and help that their family and neighbors were freely given. When you see this, all you can do is say, ‘Thanks be to God!’”

Lord, this week, we thank you for the joy that You bring to Your children through the gift of La Maternidad; and we pray that it continues through us and those we bring to this ministry for many years to come.

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