“Scientists, like all human beings, will make decisions upon what ultimately gives meaning and value to their lives and to their work. This they will do well or poorly, with the reflective depth that theological wisdom can help them attain, or with an unconsidered absolutizing of their results beyond their reasonable and proper limits.” — St. John Paul II

Chimbote Lab AttendantThose who come to the clinic for medical attention pay if they can and don’t pay if they cannot. The lab was developed not only because of the need for access to a quality medical laboratory, but also to generate revenue to underwrite the service to the poor. Our lab has developed such an outstanding reputation for professional excellence that doctors from as far away as Trujillo (approximately two-hour drive) send samples for testing at the Center.

This week, we pray for the scientists in the lab, at the mission and throughout the world, who use their talents to glorify God.

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